Does your cat suffer from IBD, Asthma or Allergy?

Million other cats do as well. Sign up now to take part in our research study and join us in studying genetically occurring diseases in all pets.

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Basepaws is seeking study participants!

We are conducting a study by collecting samples and outcome data from pet owners. As a part of this endeavor we have secured funding from grant making organizations to provide free kits to unique cats. All data collected will be made available to the public, helping the global scientific community to facilitate feline health research.

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What is DNA actually used for?

Our goal is to further characterize the genetic basis of specific traits and diseases which are currently unknown. At the same time, we are assaying the prevalence of known genetic mutations that exists in the feline population. Our work will further understanding on complex relationship between genetics variations in modulating the effect of traits and diseases. This understanding will lead to cutting edge information for you and our community.

What is your study design?

We are seeking to collect genetic material and acquire outcome data from our users (subscribe to get updates on our app or join us to contribute).

What is your inclusion and exclusion criteria?

At the moment we require pet owners to submit records of disease listed. Our list changes often and we encourage our community to make suggestions as well. Please contact us using the form here or send us an email.

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Who funded you?

We are funded by cat enthusiasts and small grants. Our funding is spent on providing as many free kits to cats with naturally occuring health conditions. We will provide quarterly reports to this group on our progress.

By aggregating numerous cats of different breed origin, trait, and disease, we will be able to provide more insights to our customers in the future about their own pets. As our findings and database increase, all users who have received a kit will have access to these new findings. However, due to limited supply we can only process on a first come first serve basis, thus many of these reports will come later in 2018.
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Who are we looking for?

Your cat qualifies if it falls into any of the following categories:

BreedsBreeds contd.Disorders and Traits
BritishRagdollHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
DevonSiameseInflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
ExoticSphynxPolycystic kidney disease
Maine CoonePorto-Systemic Liver Shunt (PSS)