Meet the Team that makes the Meowgic.

Meet Koko (aka The Basepaws Polycat Queen of the Gene) the team cat & assistant to our CEO. Oh, who are we kidding – Koko runs this place!

We fell in love with Koko when we met her at a local shelter here in Los Angeles. We tried to play it cool and walk away (twice!) but love is stronger than an occasional hand nibble (2 stitches) and broken wine glasses (4, but who is counting?). Koko loves to lay in the California sunshine, watch ‘cat TV’ and greet new employees at the lab with her cold stare. That means she loves you!

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Anna Skaya
Founder & CEO
Damian Kao, Ph.D.
COO & Head of Science
Kristin Wuhrman
VP, Business Development
Anya Kuzmenko
Chief Meowketing Officer
Evan Geerlings
Head Of Product
Chris Menges DVM, MPH
Chief Veterinary Officer
Nima Jazani, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Norma Drew
Julie Yang Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Polina Skaya
Operations Manager
Eugene Soltan
Head of Finance
Leila Hadziabdic
Customer Support
Beckie Mosser
RVT Feline Health Coach
Molly Solem
Research and Marketing Assistant


Kevin O’Leary
Kevin O’Leary, AKA "Mr. Wonderful", is well known for his audacious role on ABC's reality TV show Shark Tank, however his history within the business sector has earned him the right to have such a brazen voice in the show. He is the author of several best selling books on financial literacy and also has his own wine label. Like money and wine, Kevin thinks cats make people smile and is a big advocate for the future of animal health.
Dr. Ernie Ward
Ernie Ward is “America’s Pet Advocate”, author and internationally recognized veterinarian known for his innovations in small animal practice, nutrition and pet obesity. He established the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention in 2005. He is a popular lecturer, author and media personality featured on“Rachael Ray Show,” Animal Planet, “Today,” “Good Morning America,” and more.
Nathan Price Ph.D.

Dr. Nathan Price is a professor at the Institute for Systems Biology, and founder of many startups. He is an advisor for Roche, Providence St. Joseph Health, Mexico’s National Institute for Genomic Medicine, to name a few. He has published over 150 scientific papers and given 180+ talks. He is a total cat guy.

Aaron Hirschhorn

Aaron founded DogVacay, which, along with Rover, went on to become one of the most loved pet brands in the world. Aaron is an experienced founder and industry expert, and is instrumental in helping us grow and continue to care for all animals, big and small. When not coaching Basepaws he can be found with Rocky and Rambo, his two fluffy companions.

Warren Richard
Warren comes with an impressive pedigree of started companies, and currently sits on the board of the PETCO Foundation. He has a unique understanding of pet health, and the technology required to make changes for the betterment of pet lives everywhere. Warren is a huge advocate for better pet nutrition and new discoveries in veterinary medicine.
Chad Dodd DVM
Dr. Dodd’s mission is to advance veterinary medicine and accelerate health for all the dogs and cats that come his way. He integrates his veterinary degree with 20 years of experience in the pet healthcare industry. Throughout his career Dr. Dodd has contributed to numerous products that improve the quality of care for cats worldwide.