Purrfect Science

Why does my cat do that? A simple saliva test is all it takes to learn more about your feline’s ancestry and breed groups, as well as their health-related genetic markers and even personality traits. Totally paw-some, right?

Why get your cat’s DNA sequenced?

Your cat’s DNA can unlock the secrets to keeping their health in tip-top shape.

Science has uncovered exciting new insights about breed genetics.

Science has uncovered exciting new insights about breed genetics.

What if we had a way of understanding the breeds and traits that make up mixed-breed cats - especially those that are adopted from shelters and whose parentage is unknown? This would give us the chance to provide them with longer, healthier lives. And it just so happens that the Basepaws Cat DNA Test can do just that!

Our test is simple to take and everyone passes!


Create an account and activate your CatKit at


Collect a DNA sample with a simple swab. It takes just a few seconds to complete.


Mail us your sample. 2-way shipping is free in the US!

Receive Report

Your report is ready 6+ weeks from when we receive your sample.

Cuddle. Swab. Send. Voila!

Sit back and relax. Let our scientists do all the work.

Discover your cat’s DNA story

We know, it’s very exciting! Your cat’s DNA will be extracted, sequenced, and analyzed. Soon, you will learn more about your pet than you ever could before. It’s truly meowgical.

At Basepaws, we want you to stay excited!

As the number of DNA samples we process grows, we learn more about all cats, including yours. We’ll update your report continuously to reflect everything we learn. Every marker studied brings us closer to understanding the biggest mystery of our world - cats!


Breed Groups

Discover which breeds and traits make up your cat’s unique genetic profile.

Wildcat Index

Did your kitty inherit more DNA from a lion or a tiger? Find out!

Health Markers

Learn vital information to help you take control of your cat’s health.

Lifetime of updates and DNA mews

All it takes is a simple cheek swab to unlock the mystery, and unlike other DNA services, the Basepaws Report is a living, changing document. You will receive a lifetime of updates on your cat's breed groups for free, and more traits and health markers for an additional fee. As our database grows, so will your understanding of your cat.

What will you do with my DNA sample, human?

As soon as your kitty’s cheek swab sample arrives at our Los Angeles laboratory, we set to work on extracting the DNA and starting the discovery of what makes your cat special. Did you know that your cat’s DNA contains more than 20,000 genes? What’s more, they’re spelled out in a unique genetic code that’s around 2,700,000,000 letters (nucleotide bases) long. Basepaws uses state-of-the-art sequencing machines to read and record these letters. We then compile the results into a one-of-a-kind report packed full of valuable information about your cat’s unique genetic profile.

What does the DNA test reveal?

We compare your cat’s DNA sequence to sequences from other Basepaws cats and the scientific community. Some sections of DNA contain genes that have already been studied and are linked to specific diseases or physical traits. Other sections of DNA contain genes that are currently unknown. And that’s where the meowgic comes in – our mission is to unlock those secrets. Every kitty we sequence brings us one step closer to identifying the purpose of these mystery genes and why they matter for all cats.

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