Basepaws Health Report: List of Genetic Conditions

Basepaws . 04/01/2020

Health Marker Report is the section of the basic Basepaws Cat DNA Report which test for over 38 genetic mutations that correspond to 17 genetic conditions. Here you will be able to discover if your cat has tested positive for a genetic variant associated with any of the genetic diseases included in our database.

Basepaws Cat DNA Report: Which Breeds Does It Include?

Basepaws . 04/01/2020

Since the launch, the Basepaws team has been striving to create one of the largest databases of feline genetic and physical information in an effort to improve feline health and learn more about the genetic basis of cat breeds. Below you can find the complete list of breeds currently included in the breed report of the Basepaws Cat DNA Report.

About The Wild Cat Index

Basepaws . 04/01/2020

The Wild Cat Index is a section of the Basepaws Cat DNA test which reveals a little bit about your cat’s wild ancestry. All cats around the world share the same common ancestor from ~10.8 million of years ago. But, which wild ancestors does your Simba share most of his genes with? Find out with Basepaws!

About The Breed Index

Basepaws . 04/01/2020

Unlike dogs, most cats do not have purebred ancestors. However, every cat shares more ancestors with some cat breeds than others. In order to serve all cats regardless of their pedigree, Basepaws developed a Breed Index (or Breed Report) that can be used by any domestic or purebred cat.

Coronavirus: How to Protect Your Pets (and Your People)

Basepaws . 03/31/2020

As we look at the news today, the Coronavirus Disease, commonly called COVID-19, is dominating the headlines. This virus, which likely originated in bats, has been able to spread to people and thrive, spreading to almost all countries around the world.