Frequently Asked Questions

Cats? DNA? Whoaa… Who are you guys?

Basepaws is committed to the health and happiness of cats everywhere. We are cat owners ourselves (to two adorable domestic shorthairs called Nessie and Suffie) and realize how important it is to provide the best possible life for our pets. That's why we developed the Basepaws CatKit -- a genetic test designed to provide you with a comprehensive report about your cat's genetic makeup, as well as everything DNA can say about your cat's ancestry, health, and unique needs. We invite you to join us as we work to better understand the needs of cats everywhere.

How does this work?

Simple! After you receive your kit, collect hair from your cat using the adhesives provided (and via a secondary buccal swab sample, just to be 100% sure). Mail the sample back to us in the provided pre-paid box, and we will notify you that we have received your sample. We will be able to provide the report 2 to up to 6 months after we receive the kit, and we are trying to shorten that time as much as possible. Please bare with us as we run our first few batches of tests, and thank you for being our first customers! Long-term, we plan to provide the results within 2-4 weeks. Every sample helps us create the biggest database of feline genetic data and will contribute to new discoveries in cat health.

How long does it take to receive my reports?

After we have received your sample, it will take approximately 2 to 6 months for us to analyze and report back on results. We are working very hard to reduce the wait time for the first, Alpha Report, however this is the first time this is done, and science takes time. As we collect more and more samples, it will be faster to provide the report -- long term we are shooting for 2-4 weeks for report delivery. As new information is discovered, your report will grow. We will notify you every time there are new things to look at!

Do you need blood? Will this hurt my cat? Is this magic?

Absolutely not! We love cats and are committed to using only non-invasive procedures to collect DNA samples. This will not hurt the cat…and, like all science, it's a bit meowgical!

How much does this cost?

Each kit costs $95 and includes detailed instructions, a prepaid return box (for orders within the US) to send your samples back, and all the new discovery updates for your cat. Reports are updated constantly as more and more data comes in – and you only pay once! To inquire about bulk discounts, please contact us at

What's included in the kit?

Each kit includes detailed instructions, hair-collection adhesive strips, buccal swabs, return postage and a return box to send us your cat's sample (prepaid shipping for orders within the USA). The cost includes a detailed report and routine updates about your cat's DNA as we continue to learn more from our research. Keep in mind – we will send an initial report and will follow up with more data as we discover more things about feline genetics.

Can I order a kit now?

Yes! However, please keep in mind we are still in Beta and are handling a few hundred kits/month. We can not commit to having the reports ready until early 2018, however, once they are shipped, our first customers will have constant updates. We are working very hard to make it available even sooner, please do bare with us - we want to ensure you get a puurfect product you are happy with!

How does shipping work?

For all our US customers, we include a return envelope as part of the CatKit price. We love all our international customers, however, those shipping samples back from abroad are asked to cover the shipment costs, which are $15.

Do you test for breed?

Breed and ancestry are among our top priorities and will be included in your cat's report within six months. As we expand our kitty community, your cat's breed and ancestry will continue to be refined. The initial report will include the Wild Kitten Index, which provides information about how much of your cat's ancestry can be traced back to the various wild cat species. The analysis includes the review of 1,000s genetic variants that are represented more prevalently across the genome in within each of the species.

What types of genetic disease do you test for?

We are still working to compile a comprehensive list of genetic diseases that we can screen for. Because unlike other tests, which the only screen for 1 or 2 locations in your DNA and unlike the other panels that screens for hundreds to thousands, Basepaws will actually screen for millions of different locations. As a result, we are still working to develop our comprehensive list. We will look at multiple markers that test for breed. As new markers are discovered, your report will be updated!