DNA Testing for Cats

Discover what your cat's DNA can say.

Learn about your cat's ancestry, traits and health.

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Find out about your cat's ancestry. Learn about their Breed, as well as their distant ancestral roots. The Alpha Report includes 32 cat breeds and 14 wild cats.

Alpha Report IS LIVE!

More tests coming in 2019: maternal/paternal tracing, siblings test.


Discover if your cat's genetics influences their risk for certain health conditions, or if their DNA is carrying a genetic disorder.

Report coming in 2019

Genetic health risks and diseases, carrier status (32 diseases).


We're still discovering all the different ways your cat's DNA makes them unique. We can't wait to tell you what we find.

Report coming 2019:

Personality prediction, Catnip-addict likelihood, Physical traits, Fun facts


As our user base grows, you will receive tailored assessments and recommendations based on your cat's genetics.

Report coming 2019:

Diet recommendations, wellness assessments.

Bonus Feature:

You will also have access to a variety of tools and perks in 2019.

Features include:

Match with genetically similar cats, download report in pdf-format, send report to vet, access your cat's raw DNA sequence.

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Coming soon... available now! Many more reports coming soon, yet do join us now! You only need to have your cat's DNA sequenced once - we will let you know as we deciper it piece by piece. The cost of our service will increase as we add features, but as an Early Adopter, you are

entitled to all future upgrades at no further cost.
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This is your chance to get a paw in the door on day one.

Still have questions about CatKit results?

In order to decipher your cat's DNA, it needs to be compared other cats. For every cat trait, we will compare your cat to a different number of cats depending on how simple or complex the trait is.

Sometimes a trait is very simple: it is caused by a single gene mutation, like the missing tails on the Manx cat. When only one gene is responsible, it is easier for us to pinpoint the location of a trait to your cat's DNA. You will receive reports about traits like this as soon as ten or more cats with the same trait have joined Basepaws.

However, many of your cat's health and personality traits are determined by multiple genes. For instance, there could be 5, 20, or even 100 genes that each contribute a little bit to your cat's outspoken personality. Traits like this will take 100 or more similar cats to locate the responsible genes.

As more cats join Basepaws, CatKit reports will grow.

Genetics will revolutionize the way we take care of our cats, but we’re just getting started. Your cat’s first report will include useful information about its Breed and Ancestors. Future reports will focus on your cat’s health and other traits. Keep in mind - Basepaws is still in Beta, meaning we are still just building up the company. This means we need more samples and we need your patience! In return, we will provide the first customers with unlimited updates for the life of your pet.

As our database grows and more cats join us, our ability to detect new discoveries will improve. With each sample, we get closer to understanding ancestry, disease and traits. Some of these may take only a few short months, while others may take a year or more. We are doing our best to find cats who share common genetic disease and collect their samples to get to key discoveries quicker. See our blog for more info about key work and timelines for many of these disease.

Your cat is a DNA pioneer and will create the gold standard for its genetic code, and thier DNA will help us understand genetic traits and disorders for all felines. In the future, when a little kitten gets tested and has very similar DNA to your cat, they can consider your cat their mentor and know what to expect.

When you join Basepaws, you are joining a proactive community of cat lovers. Basepaws members are truly DOING something to help improve the lives of all cats.