Microarrays vs Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Our world here at Basepaws revolves around your cat's DNA. In order to analyze feline genes, we must first decode the information within them. Many labs still rely on microarray techniques for genotyping studies due to a number of advantages. We, however, employ data-rich DNA sequencing in all aspects of our work.

Feline Genetics 101

Here at Basepaws, we often talk about feline genetics and science. It can be challenging to understand your Basepaws DNA Report or any of the provided literature without adequate background knowledge. To help you get started, here is your crash "Feline Genetics 101" course. This will provide you with sufficient, simplified information that will help you learn more about the genetics of your cat.

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Siamese – Mysterious Genetics of the Feline Royal

We are immensely excited and proud to announce our newest iteration of the Basepaws Cat DNA report! This was our biggest and most comprehensive update so far, bringing you the most accurate […]