Catnip: Does It Really Make Your Cat “High”?

If you ever offered your kitty a pinch of catnip, you most likely witnessed them act quite strangely and goofy. Many cats respond to catnip by rolling around in it, rubbing it on their body, licking it and lie in it purring. We often joke that they act as if they had a little too much to drink. But, is this really what happens? Does catnip actually make your cat high? Here's what you need know about this magic cat "drug" and how it affects your kitty.

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Happy Halloween Hoomans!

The spookiest night of the year is upon us. We are all busy decorating, preparing costumes and carving pumpkins. A classic and irreplaceable symbol of Halloween is, of course, a black cat. Black cats and Halloween have been associated together for many years now.

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Top 10 Random Facts About Cats

Here at Basepaws, we spend hours reading, talking and thinking about cats every day. While we're working our science at the lab and creating diverse kitty content for you, we often stumble upon quite a few quirky and very random facts about cats. Here are some of our recent favorites. Will you know them all?

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Happy Pawther’s Day!

This very special weekend is dedicated to all the pawsome dads who we treat with just a little extra love and attention for the occasion. And here at Basepaws, we, of course, we […]

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