Back to The Basics: Understanding Your Cat’s DNA Report

The mission of our work as a cat genetics company is to decipher the secrets of feline genetics and find new answers and solutions in feline science and health. In light of this, we often get urgent questions from our pet parents who’ve decided to DNA test their cat companions. The most frequently asked questions concern the breed index section of our cat DNA report. Many of you have wondered why we don't offer breed percentages and why your cat results sometimes don't match their physical appearance and/or personality.

Behind the Scenes at Basepaws

You’ve purchased a CatKit, collected some of your cat’s DNA and shipped it back to us. Exciting stuff! Wait, but what happens next? The time has come for us to unravel a little bit about our recipe to unfolding your feline’s DNA secrets. No, not everything - there is still a lot we don’t know ourselves, and every sample helps get us closer. But we want to tell you a bit about us, inside and out. Let’s take a quick look behind the curtains and see what really happens once your sample reaches the Basepaws Labs!

A Time of Feline Genetics Discovery: Interview with Anna Skaya CEO & Founder Basepaws

Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered about its origins, lineage and history? With most of our cats, we have no clue about their genetic origins, which is changing fast. You can now find out more about your cat's genetic heritage with a simple test that requires nothing more than a few of kitty's hairs! The founder & CEO of Basepaws, Anna Skaya, recently gave an interview to TheCatSite. Built from scratch, Anna reveals how Basepaws came to be, the mission of the company and how is important to promote scientific research into cat health.

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Wild Cat Index Blurb

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"Except for a few hybrid breeds with wild cat DNA, all housecats are descended from the same ancestors – the Near Eastern wild cats. However, as cats around the world evolved, some kittens inherited more DNA in common with wild cat relatives than did their siblings. The Basepaws Wild Cat Index now offers you a way to see if your furry companion has more in common with different wild cats than other cats.

Report Updates from Basepaws

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon deliver our first CatKit Alpha Report! Many of our favorite clients (and kittens!) have been very patient while waiting for the first report to arrive. We want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone for allowing us the extra time to get the first report out, and show our appreciation by giving everyone here a little sneak peek!

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