How To Train A Cat

Cats are intelligent animals that can be trained! If you find the right way to work with them, you can teach them wonders. Training your cat will help them be more social, less anxious and overall more content. Here is your "How to train a cat" guide with a few tips to get you started on the journey.

How Do Cats Sleep?

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of body and mind, characterized by altered consciousness, limited sensory activity, inhibited voluntary muscle activity and reduced interactions with surroundings (NIH, 2018). While humans typically spend one-third […]

Feline Bronchial Asthma

Take a deep breath. Meowwww. Feels good? Now imagine not being able to breathe that well. Oh, it’s terrible. If your cat (especially of Siamese or Korat pedigrees) has been diagnosed with feline asthma […]

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