The Traditional Eastern Siamese – The Thai Siamese

The Traditional Siamese cat is a history lesson wrapped in a furry bow. Known by many names, this cat was royally envied. The Siamese breed is one of the most well-known cat breeds in the world, but did you know there are two distinctly different categories within the breed? Let us introduce you to one of the sides of the Siamese coin, the Traditional "Applehead" Siamese.

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The Turkish Angora – Silky and Serene

With a coat that glistens and begs to be caressed, this big personality cat breed can charm even the most dedicated "dog people". The Turkish Angora is a stunning and outgoing breed that is sure to not only add beauty, but excitement to all they grace with their presence

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The Chausie Cat – A Meow and a Roar

Have you ever looked at your cat relaxing lazily in their favorite spot and thought to yourself, "What would it be like if they were free in the wild like the little lions, tigers, and cougars(Oh my!) they descend from?". Well, look no further than this hybrid cross between a domesticated and wild cat, called the Chausie.

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How Were Cat Breeds Created?

According to ancient feline DNA analysis, domestic cats are likely descended from the African wildcat (lat. Felis silvestris lybica) several thousand years ago. However, selective cat breeding only appeared over the last 50 years, which in evolutionary terms is a very short time for robust genetically different sub-populations within an animal species to form.

Siamese – Mysterious Genetics of the Feline Royal

We are immensely excited and proud to announce our newest iteration of the Basepaws Cat DNA report! This was our biggest and most comprehensive update so far, bringing you the most accurate […]