Our 15 Favorite Facts About Kittens

Kittens! Even the word is cute. Kittens are adorable and lovable, and they sneak their way into our hearts the moment they are born. But, how well do we really know these bundles of joy we are so bluntly in love with? Some of these facts might surprise you, but some of these you simply must know before you bring one into your home.

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How to Walk A Cat

Many of us like keeping our kitties indoors in an effort to protect them and keep them safe and healthy for many years to come. We mustn't forget, however, that cats love and crave the outdoors just like us! They need to be active, explore the surroundings and enjoy the fresh air just as much as we do. Because it can be unsafe to let them roam freely in the city, your solution could be to take them for a little stroll on a leash instead! Many people find it quite challenging to train their cats for walks on a leash, but with a little bit of patience and consistency, we promise you that it is totally doable! After all, why should dogs have all the fun? To help you get started on the journey, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to cat walking.

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Top 5 Most Common Feeding Mistakes

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," – Hippocrates, a Greek physician and The Father of Western Medicine. Your cat's diet plays a key role in its overall health status, and it needs to be carefully designed and monitored. A healthy, well-balanced diet should address the cat's personal nutritional needs, physique, and lifestyle. However, sometimes we can get carried away when spoiling our purrfect companions, thus making a few mistakes when designing their diet. To help you learn what not to do when feeding your kitty, here are the most common feeding mistakes to avoid.

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Hearing Loss in Cats

Feline senses are exceptionally powerful and sharp, making cats one of the most notorious and successful hunters in the predatory world. One of the most important senses that helps cats interact with their environment is their hearing. Some cats may suffer from partial or complete hearing loss, particularly as they age, which can profoundly impact their perception of the world. If you do have a deaf kitty, here are a few things which can help you provide them with long, happy and comfortable lives!

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Let’s talk about poop!

As cat parents, we strive to provide our fur babies with the very best care possible. And, whether we find it unpleasant or not, an insightful indicator of a cat's overall health status is its poop. If you know what to look out for, your cat's stool can help you recognize key signs of certain dietary and health problems. This article will help you get acquainted with healthy cat poop and teach you what signs to look out for the next time you're cleaning your cat's litter box. So, let's talk about poop!

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Cat Allergy: Are You Allergic To Your Kitty?

According to Allergy UK, the UK’s leading medical charity dealing with allergies, pets represent the second most important cause of home allergies in hoomans. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America confirms that in the US, three in ten people have allergic reactions to cats and dogs. And, interestingly, cat allergies seem to be twice as common as dog allergies. Life with cat allergies raises a lot of questions for all of us longing to keep a kitty. And Basepaws is here to answer them for you! From the causes and diagnosis, to the treatment and prevention, here is our guide through cat allergies.

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Rabies in Cats

Rabies is a viral, devastating disease that causes brain inflammation in all mammals, including humans, cats and dogs. The disease is caused by lyssaviruses and it is transmitted via saliva. The speed of the disease progression varies, but as soon as the symptoms are presented, this severe disease nearly always results in death. Today, rabies is preventable through animal control and vaccination. Here is everything you need to know about rabies in cats.

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