Out With the Tail, In With the Charm: Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is an affectionate and furriendly cat best known for its sweet nature and inimitable, pom-pom tail. They are quiet, gentle and fun-loving kitties who truly cherish every moment with their favorite hoomans. Japanese Bobtails, who were kept by the emperor of Japan himself thousands of years ago, are surrounded by many mystical stories and myths that are bound to captivate you. Here is everything you must know about your darling Japanese Bobtail cat!

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Meet The Bengal: The Miniature Leopard of The Cat World

If you're looking for a cuddly cat that will purr and snuggle its days away in your lap – then don't get a Bengal! These Miniature Leopards, although very friendly, are exceptionally energetic and curious, agile, intelligent and constantly on the move. Bengal is a joyful kitty that will fill your home with laughter, lots of playing and some mischief.

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The Story of Your Darling Himalayan

What happens if the glamour puss of the cat world meets feline royalty? The Himalayan, of course! The Himalayan is a remarkable cross between the Persian, the World's most popular glamour kitty, and the Siamese, also famously known as the "Royal Cat of Siam". Known as gentle and sweet, energetic and intelligent, this kitty truly meets the best of two worlds. Dear hooman, this is the story of your darling Himalayan.

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Hey Hooman, I’m An Exotic Shorthair!

The Exotic Shorthair is a gentle, curious and friendly kitty who was created as a shorthaired version of the Persian cat through outcrossing with the American Shorthair. This purrfect little companion has the best of both worlds! Its as loving and affectionate as the Persian and as playful and witty as the American Shorthair. Although the breed was created accidentally, these cats quickly found the way to the hearts of many. Here is the story of the Exotic Shorthair.

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Dear Hoomans, Please Meet the Alien Cats

Known for its prominently large eyes and curly coat, the Devon Rex is a beautiful kitty adored for its playfulness and cuddliness. And the word has it, there is never a dull moment with these furriendly bundles of joy! In honor of their unique appearance, they are often affectionately referred to as the Pixie cats. So, without further ado, humble hoomans, please meet the charming "alien cat" from England!

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Savannah the Cat: A Beautifully Elegant Cross

The Savannah cat is an unusual, yet beautifully elegant cross between the African serval cat and the domestic cat. This captivating hybrid inherited the delightfully good looks of its wild relative, while remaining the utmost loving furriend of a hooman. Thanks to their enchanting beauty and affectionate personality, Savannah cats truly have the entire world at their paws.

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