Announcement: New 2019 Basepaws Cat DNA Report

Buckle up, cat guardians, because Basepaws has GREAT news to share! We are immensely excited to announce the next iteration of the Basepaws Cat DNA Report, our biggest update so far. Thanks to the fantastic support we got from cat parents around the world, this summer we are able to notably step up our game and bring you a number of remarkable additions to your cat's DNA report. Read ahead and learn what to expect from your latest Basepaws DNA Report!

Back to The Basics: Understanding Your Cat’s DNA Report

The mission of our work as a cat genetics company is to decipher the secrets of feline genetics and find new answers and solutions in feline science and health. In light of this, we often get urgent questions from our pet parents who’ve decided to DNA test their cat companions. The most frequently asked questions concern the breed index section of our cat DNA report. Many of you have wondered why we don't offer breed percentages and why your cat results sometimes don't match their physical appearance and/or personality.

Himalayan – The Story of a Darling Cat

What happens if the glamour puss of the cat world meets feline royalty? The Himalayan, of course! The Himalayan is a remarkable cross between the Persian, the World's most popular glamour kitty, and the Siamese, also famously known as the "Royal Cat of Siam". Known as gentle and sweet, energetic and intelligent, this kitty truly meets the best of two worlds. Dear hooman, this is the story of your darling Himalayan.

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