Basepaws’ feline oral microbiome research

With constant exposure to diverse environmental factors and food sources, our cats’ mouths are a fascinating place populated by a multitude of microbial organisms. Like all living organisms, microbes can be classified using the taxonomic system all of us learnt in school.

Basepaws’ project to improve the feline reference genome

A reference genome is a database assembled based on whole genome sequencing data from multiple members of a species of interest. This genome assembly is considered as a representative example of the genome organization of a typical member of the species. For an organism to be effectively studied from a genetics perspective, having a high quality reference genome is a must.

Big News: Now Only 4-6 Weeks From Sample to Report!

At Basepaws, we have a cause for celebration - from June 15th, we are officially making our health and breed report generation timeline 4-6 weeks. This means you will now be able to get your cat’s report 4-6 weeks after their sample reaches our lab. We are very excited to be able to offer this timeline to our customers, as it constitutes a substantial improvement over our previous timeline of 6-9 weeks.

Microarrays vs Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Our world here at Basepaws revolves around your cat's DNA. In order to analyze feline genes, we must first decode the information within them. Many labs still rely on microarray techniques for genotyping studies due to a number of advantages. We, however, employ data-rich DNA sequencing in all aspects of our work.

Siamese – Mysterious Genetics of the Feline Royal

We are immensely excited and proud to announce our newest iteration of the Basepaws Cat DNA report! This was our biggest and most comprehensive update so far, bringing you the most accurate […]

Back to The Basics: Understanding Your Cat’s DNA Report

The mission of our work as a cat genetics company is to decipher the secrets of feline genetics and find new answers and solutions in feline science and health. In light of this, […]