A Peek into The Life of Little Lark

On our long journey through exploration and research of feline science, we have many unique opportunities to meet brave cat heroes and hear their inspiring stories. Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with a pawsome cat mom, Erin, about her very special bundle of joy named Lark. Lark is a brave little kitty who has been fighting diabetes for the past 2 years with admirable power and strength. Erin signed Lark up for our Feline Diabetes Mellitus (DM) Research Project in hopes that his DNA could reveal to us a few secrets about this vicious disease. We were eager to learn Lark's inspiring story and share the love with the rest of you. So, without further ado, please welcome Lark and her hooman Erin!

The Adventures of A Little Warrior Named Emily

At the core of our work and research lies one clear motive: a better future for all cats! As we're pedaling towards new discoveries and advances in feline science and genetics, our focus remains on research initiatives. We aim to use the knowledge acquired through these initiatives to provide a more comprehensive understanding of feline biology and improve the health management of cats everywhere. However, none of this would be possible without the amazing cat guardians and their kitties who continually support our research. These cats are undeniably the true heroes of our work.

The World of Charlotte the Blondie

Charlotte, one of the most charming kitties in the Basepaws family, is victoriously the most purrfect life companion her hooman Ashleigh could ever wish for! This gorgeous little cat seems to have it all. She is fun-loving, snuggly and she selflessly makes sure her mom is never short of cuddles and laughter. We recently spoke to Ashleigh and she gave us a little tour through the world of her little blondie girl. Buckle up and let us introduce you to the one and only, Charlotte the Blondie!

The Fairy Tale of Little Tayto

"Tayto had the sweetest nature, no matter what she went through. Even at the vets, she was her lovely wee self. I have never known a cat or another animal like her." - pet hooman Rachael

The Basepaws crew has one firm mission on their mind: better future for all the cats out there! We aspire to create new opportunities and discoveries in the world of cat science. Sadly, as beautiful and exciting as our research is, it can sometimes take a heartbreaking turn. One of the most heartfelt stories we want to share with you today is the story of Tayto. Tayto was the most lovable kitty who suffered from dwarfism and had sadly passed away in October last year. Tayto's cat mom Rachael DNA tested Tayto in an effort to learn about her genetic background and, hopefully, help other cats of a similar destiny.

The Story of Casper The Cat

The Basepaws family is blessed with so many incredible cat guardians and cats. And we want to get to know you ALL! We strive to create a welcoming and warm family of pets and their caretakers, so we take every opportunity to meet as many of you as possible. We were recently honored to speak to an inspiring fur mom Roxanne and meet her lovely little Basepaws cat Casper.

Please Meet OliveJune: The Most Darling Troublemaker Of The Basepaws Family!

"My cat is not insane, she's just a really good actress." - Phyllis Christine Cast in Untamed.

About nine months ago, OliveJune, a (then) five-week-old rescue kitty from the ASPCA, was discovered and adopted by her hooman guardian Linda. Little did Linda know, with this little kitten she was in for an unexpectedly wild ride. Today, a happy and healthy OliveJune seems to be on a mission to lovingly disrupt Linda's life with the trouble and humor Linda never knew she was missing. And yes, Linda's life is now all better for it! Ladies and gents, please meet the most darling troublemaker of the Basepaws family – the heart-winning OliveJune.

Today We Met Loki: A Fearless Snuggler

Here at Basepaws, we passionately pursue novel discoveries in the field of feline science and strive to advance feline healthcare. It remains important to remember, however, that the true stars behind our work are the cats themselves, of course. Because as a team we are admittedly cat-crazy, we LOVE getting to know every one of the wonderful Basepaws cats who joined our mission. And today, dear cat guardians, we met Loki, a self-proclaimed boss of his home and a professional face snuggler.

Meet Ricky, World’s greatest feline daredevil

Once upon a time, a young kitten wandered onto a lovely farm family’s doorstep. Seemingly in distress, the little thing was skinny, disheveled and desperately searching for food and shelter. Little did he know, he had stumbled upon a lifetime of love, warmth and safety. Ladies and gents, please meet Basepaws cat Ricky and his hooman Cindy, the pawesome pet parent of six.

Tom Petty The Cat – Mama’s Wild Child

A story, by definition, is a depiction of a journey. Sharing the bits and pieces from of our life-long adventures has an immense power to bring us all together, strengthen our bonds and fortify our friendships. And today, we are taking you for a stroll through one more meowical journey from the family of Basepaws. Dear furriends and pet hoomans, please meet Stacey and her fur-baby Tom Petty.

Meet Shelby, the pet of mystical origins, mighty furs and a feisty personality

Ever since she pawed her way into her hoomans' lives, Shelby has won over every bit of their hearts and home. With her mystical history, exotic appearance, and incredibly unique personality — she never fails to impress her fur parents with yet another one of her quirks. She even managed to win over her fur-brother Max, too. The pair of them couldn't possibly be any more different in nature and temperament.