A Guide Through Feline Coat Care

A healthy cat makes for a happy cat. Did you know your kitty's coat and dental conditions are some of the best indicators of overall health? It is a known fact that cats take good care of their own coats, seeing as how they spend as much time grooming and polishing as they do. However, easier said than done, which is why you should still make it a goal to regularly groom your cat. Grooming your cat will benefit your cat's overall health in a number of ways and it will give you an opportunity to keep a close eye on their coat and skin condition. Without further ado, here is your new guide through feline coat care.

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Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) – A Viral Disease Explained

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a rare and progressive disease caused by feline coronavirus (FCoV). Most strains of this virus are avirulent, meaning they don't actually cause the disease. These strains are marked as feline enteric coronavirus (FECV). In 5-10% of infected cats, however, the infection will progress into clinical FIP. This virus is then referred to as feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV). Once clinical FIP develops, it almost always has a fatal destiny.

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Top 10 Most Affectionate Cat Companions

As of 2016, The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes 58 distinct cat breeds, all charmingly different and purrfect in their own rightful way. Even though cat fanciers have been selecting and breeding cats specifically for their unique appearances, some cat breeds seem to be distinctly friendlier and more affectionate than others. Are you dreaming of a companion who will gladly leap into your arms and purr the hours away in your lap? If so, here are the top 10 cuddliest and most affectionate cat breeds of all time! What are your thoughts?

Meow! Who Is The Chattiest Kitty?

Every cat is purrfectly unique and special in their own rightful way. While some cats will spend hours working on that new toy you got them, others will carelessly snooze most of the day away. In light of this feline peculiarity, many hoomans notice that their kitties are particularly more or less chatty than other cats. Interestingly enough, as in many other aspects, your cat's breed seems to be closely associated with it’s vocalization as well. While Abyssinians are thought to be one of the quietest cats out there, the royal Siamese are in the lead for the title of the World's Chattiest Cats. Without further ado, ladies and gents, please meet the feline breeds famously preceded by their talkative reputation!

The Persian Cat

As Basepaws gears up for the release of our first breed-related results (Yay!), let’s take some time to talk about cat breeds and feline ancestry. It is estimated there are somewhere between 60 to over 200 different types of felines out there, and each possesses something special - each fabulous feline has a unique set of features, traits and markings that sets them apart. Ladies and gents, please meet the glamor puss of the cat world – the Persian cat!

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A Guide Through Feline Obesity: Is Your Cat ‘Just Fluffy’ Or Overweight?

Did you know that more than 50% of all American cats are obese or overweight? In a 2017 survey by Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), 56% of dogs and 60% of cats were classified as clinically overweight or obese by their veterinary healthcare professional. This means that in 2017, there were 50.2 million registered dogs and 56.5 million registered cats who are overweight. Although chubby cats are adorable, those extra pounds can have terrible consequences for their joints, heart, and pancreas. Read on to learn more about the prevention and treatment of feline obesity and keep your kitty healthy and happy for many years to come.

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The Curious Story of the Burmese Cat

The Burmese is a curious kitty of a compact, muscular body and glossy, silky coat. In a testament to its appearance, it is sometimes described as a "brick wrapped in silk". The Burmese loves to observe its hoomans and other animals, which explains its devotion to the important task of supervising the street through the window. The breed originally originated in Thailand but was developed in the United States and Britain.

Please note: the Burmese cat is not to be confused with the Birman cat or "sacred cat of Burma".

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The Enchanting Story of The Sacred Cat of Burma

The Birman, or famously known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma", is a strikingly gorgeous cat of a lovely legend behind its beauty. These kitties are distinguished by a soft, silky coat, piercing blue eyes, and the elegant, white "gloves" on their paws. Do you feel prepared for the enchanting story of this mysterious feline breed? Buckle up and keep reading as the secrets are about to unravel.

Please note: The Birman cat is not to be confused with the Burmese cat, a completely different cat breed of a similar name.

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Pregnancy in Cats

Awww..little baby kittens! Is your home about to become richer by a few extra mini cats? Lucky! Having kittens is a wonderful experience for both you and your queen, but before you can welcome new furry bundles into your home, we need to take time to talk about feline reproduction and pregnancy, appropriate care for your queens and kittens and the possible complications that may arise during this emotional process. Here is everything you need to know in order to support your expectant cat and her babies as well as you possibly can.

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