Coronaviruses and pets

The novel coronavirus is still a mystery, with both scientists and pet parents unsure of the most recent news. Basepaws Head of R&D, along with our science and veterinary team, provide this detailed overview of the family of coronaviruses and how they affect pets, in hopes to add solid research to the chatter.

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Why Should I DNA Test My Cat?

Our cat's DNA make-up matters. All the information required for the functioning of every little bit of your cat's body is written in the genes. Luckily, with Basepaws, discovering your cat's genetic background, ancestry and health predispositions have now become a lot easier and less expensive than ever.

How Were Cat Breeds Created?

According to ancient feline DNA analysis, domestic cats are likely descended from the African wildcat (lat. Felis silvestris lybica) several thousand years ago. However, selective cat breeding only appeared over the last 50 years, which in evolutionary terms is a very short time for robust genetically different sub-populations within an animal species to form.