Cancer in cats. Part one.

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According to Animal Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 cats will develop cancer in their lifetime. Cancer in cats is actually less common than cancer in dogs, but once it is diagnosed, it tends to move faster. Since cats are the closest mammals to humans (outside of primates, of course) it is no wonder cats share many of the same cancers with us. Knowledge is power, and how much do we really know about signs of this deadly disease in feline?

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6 Reasons Your Cat is Overweight (And How to Shed Those Pounds)

Although chubby cats are adorable, those extra pounds can have terrible consequences for kitty’s joints, heart and pancreas. Feline obesity lowers your cat’s life expectancy and increases your cat’s risk for diabetes and cancer. If your cat is overweight, you CAN help your cat achieve a healthy weight before it’s too late. Here are 6 reasons why your cat could have a big belly, and ways to get around them:

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Cat Personality

Your cat loves you - Here’s the proof

We recently asked 500 cat parents to answer a short survey about their cats’ personalities. It turns out that many stereotypes about cats are wrong. Here are our surprising results.