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Happy New Year dear cat lovers! We hope you had wonderful and cozy holidays filled with laughter, joy and purrs! If you're anything like us, then you enthusiastically welcomed the New Year with arms wide open and excitingly committed to your New Year Resolutions. It is important to lead, step, hop and jump into the new beginnings on the right foot, no? This is why today we come to you with some useful tips and tricks to help you make sure your furry feline friend starts the New Year on the right paw as well!

Here are some New Year resolutions you can make for your kitty:

1. Healthy diet

Every cat is unique. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to choosing your cat’s diet. It is the perfect time to evaluate your feline eating habits.

a) Have a chat with a vet and get professional help finding the right food for your kitty according to its age, size, health status and activity. It is important that what your cat eats fully addresses all its nutritional needs.

b) If your cat is a kitten, a great advice is to get it used to different types of food from day one. “Cats are very opinionated about food, and a lot of their food preferences are formed in the first year,” says Julie A. Churchill, DVM, PhD, associate
professor of nutrition at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in St. Paul.
So, adjusting your kitten to a diverse diet will be beneficial for it in the long run.


c) Learn to read cat food label. Make sure that the food you’re buying is well balanced. Richard Hill, PhD, associate professor at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville, says: “With so much advertising, people tend to
focus on ingredients, but the nutrients are more important, namely protein and fat”.
People are often fixated on carbs, which can actually be useful in cat food if dosed in acceptable amounts. This is why the balance of food ingredients is crucial
and that is what you should be looking for.
Try to look for a statement from Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) on the package, which will state that the food is well balanced. If your cat’s diet is well balanced, you won’t
need to worry about vitamins and other supplements, because the food will contain it all.

d) It is equally important to dose the food correctly to the cat’s needs too! So, do not forget to evaluate this aspect as well.

e) Last, but not least, consider enriching their diet with healthy snacks. You can occasionally treat your kitty with delicacies such as small bits of cooked tuna, fish or chicken.

2. Physical activity

Exercising is very important for the health of every cat. To ensure your cat gets enough physical activity commit yourself to finding some time every day for an active play with your feline friend. This is the best gift they can possibly get from you
Also, consider upgrading their living space with new toys such as feather toys, cat trees and castles, scratching posts and laser points. This can be very healthy for your cat as it will promote natural feline behaviors. This is especially important for
the cats who do not go outside regularly.

3. Healthy coat and claws

It is a known fact that cats take good care of their own coat and claws. However, easier said than done, you should still definitely make it a goal to regularly groom your cat. Invest in a good comb and groom your feline at least weekly.

Regular grooming will go a long way. It will make the coat shinier and stronger, but it will also help tone the muscles and reduce the chance of developing hairballs. Also, when you groom your cat, you have the perfect opportunity to keep an eye for fleas,
ticks and other parasites, as well as signs of allergies, lumps, swellings and skin disorders. To get your cat used to the routine faster, make the grooming experience enjoyable for the both of you. Groom your cat only when you are both relaxed and
keep the first grooming sessions as short as 5 to 10 minutes long. Be patient and give your kitty some time to get used to being handled before you can start with longer sessions.


Some shampooing and trimming may come in handy every once in a while. However, getting your cat used to baths is a whole other level of difficulty. Luckily, cats do not need regular baths, especially if short haired. If you’re troubling with this, then
paying a visit to a grooming shop is another solution. You can make regular appointments alongside the regular visits to the cat’s vet. As for the claws, most cats keep them in order very well independently. But, you may want to make sure to invest in some toys the kitty can use for claw sharpening to protect your furniture. Note that inactive cats who do not use their claws regularly do need clipping to prevent overgrowth.

4. Tricks

Prove your dog lover friends wrong and teach your cat a new trick! This may sound like a very difficult task that requires a lot of patience, but do not get discouraged just yet. You can start off with the simplest tricks such as high five, sit, stay
or fetch (that’s right, cats can fetch too!). Many cats are also very successful at finding treats and toys. If you don’t believe us, then check out these amazing cats we absolutely adore:

1. Kaiser the Amazing Bengal. We absolutely loved the YouTube video posted by NanaBorderCollie where Kaiser gives an outstanding performance competing against a Border Collie dog in a trick contest. This cat has mastered some really advanced tricks!

2. Didga the cat. User CATMANTOO posts many videos on YouTube of Didga doing adorable tricks. One of our favorites is Digna doing a trust fall

3. Kitty the cat. This cat can do numerus very advanced tricks. YouTuber Jacob Hollingsworth posted this amazing video of Kitty doing 20+ tricks.

If you try to train your cat as well, with a little bit of patience you might end up having a tremendous amount of fun and you will be bonding with your feline on a completely different level!

5. Cuddles and snuggles

Make sure to give your furry friend all the cuddles it could ever possibly need. If it doesn’t really like to snuggle, but prefers napping alone, then why not get it a brand-new bedding as a holiday gift? She will love having a new place to snuggle up

We really hope you enjoyed this article and that you will join us and adopt some of our resolutions for your feline as well! Happy Holidays, dear cat lovers. Meow!