One simple cat DNA test, a lifetime of discovery.

Find out what your cat's DNA can tell you about their ancestry and ultimately their health and habits.

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Get to know your cat better, inside and out, with the Basepaws CatKit.

Join us to help eradicate genetic disease in all felines.

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DNA Testing for Cats by BasePaws

CatKit Includes

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Fur adhesive and cheek swabs

At-home, non-invasive, easy to use. No cats are harmed!

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DNA collection instructions

Easy-to-follow instructions on using your CatKit

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report updates

A lifetime of updates, features and connections - all included with a single purchase.

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Return shipping within USA

International clients cover the return shipping.

CatKit Report - Lifetime Value

Your CatKit report updates will continue to grow with your cat. Look for new discoveries in your inbox as our database grows. Alpha Report will include Wild Cat Index and Breed Index. Coming soon!

Alpha Report *

* Feature coming SOON!

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Health DNA Test for Cats Health Info
  • Simple Disease Markers in Genetic Test for Cats
    Simple Disease Markers*
  • Spolycystic kidney disease (pkd) in cats
    Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)*
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) in cats
    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)*
  • Comparative analysis of the cat genome
    Comparative Markers*
  • Complex Disease Markers
    Complex Disease Markers*
  • Personalized Medicine for Pets
    Personalized ceterinary medicine*
Cat ancestry DNA test Ancestry Info
  • Cat inbreeding DNA test
  • Cats - Maternal and Paternal Tracing
    Maternal and Paternal Tracing*
  • Cats Breed Index
    Breed Index *
  • Family tree, Percent of breeds, Percent breeds by chromosome of Cats
    Family tree, Percent of breeds, Percent breeds by chromosome*
Best Genetic Testing Services for Cats Features
  • Send CatKit DNA report to vet
    Send report to vet*
  • Cat Health Assessment
    Health and wellness assessments*
  • Make decision based on genetically similar cats
    Care tips from genetically similar cats*
Fun Cat Facts by BasePaws DNA Test Fun Facts
  • Wild Cat Index
    Wild Cat Index *
  • Kitten Predicted Weight
    Predicted weight*
  • Cats Personality Traits
  • Predicted user submitted traits of Cats
    Predicted user submitted traits*
  • Catnip response
    Catnip response*
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Join our feline health community, and meet our #basepawcats family

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5 Easy Steps
Order a Basepaws CatKit - DNA Test
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Order a Basepaws CatKit on any device. Our CatKit ships in 3-5 days from order confirmation.

Collect DNA of your Cat
Collect DNA

Collect hair or swab from your cat by following the instructions in your CatKit.

Activate the Cat Kit
Activate the Cat Kit

Input your serial number at

Mail the sample of Cat DNA
Mail In

Mail the sample and we will notify you when we have received it.

Receive DNA report
Receive DNA report

In 2-6 months (depending on database size) your results will be emailed to you. We are doing everything we can to speed this up!

Alpha Report

Our first report is coming soon - and will include your cat’s similarity to 18 different wildcats, including Lions, Tigers and Pumas, as well as our initial discoveries about your cat's ancestry and breed!

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